SMFW action 4 with clickA few general rules about submissions to the Little Garden of Words. Don’t worry, it is actually rather easy 🙂

  • First things first, email us the Instagram link to your favourite piece of writing. It can be poetry or prose. Shorter lengths work better on Instagram, but there is really no limit as long as it can fit on an Instagram post and still be legible.
  • Please also mail us your writing as text. Just pasting it into the mail is fine.
  • Please make sure you include the link to your Instagram account.
  • We are all avid readers and will most likely go through your feed, reading everything we can find after receiving your submission. We might ask for permission to use another piece that appeals to us more. Please do not be offended.
  • Please consider allowing us to use one of the art pieces shown here. This is not a requirement, but is a rather big part of the Little Garden experiment. We would like to have a harmonious selection of writing, art and typography. Include the number of the image you would like us to use. Please also try to include at least one alternate image, in case your original choice has been used recently in a feature.
    In all honesty, writing that features one of the pre-selected art pieces from our page will probably have higher priority when it comes to being featured, but we will post everything we like, eventually.
  • Please let us know which art you would like us to use on your feature in your submission email.
  • If you would like to add a short bio (200 characters maximum) please include it in your email. This can be facts about you, your inspirations, plans and or dreams. Followers will enjoy an inside look that allows them to get to know the writer better. Please make sure the bio is in the third person (“he/she” instead of “I”).
  • We will send you the final piece with your words and the art you selected for approval.

That’s it, the email for submissions is

Please see the checklist below before sending your submission.

Thank you 🙂



Please make sure your submission mail includes ALL of the information below.
Incomplete submissions unfortunately can not be accepted.

  1. Your Instagram username and link to your Instagram profile.
  2. Link to the writing you are submitting
  3. Your submission as text, not an image
  4. The number of the image from the art gallery you would like us to use on your feature.
  5. The number of at least one alternate image.